St Monica's (Milton) Primary School
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Assessment and Reporting

Assessment is continuous throughout the session, the emphasis being on the use of formative assessment. This is assessment which usually involves comment marking and a deliberate avoidance of the use of ticks in children`s work. The reason being children constantly look at their scores and the emphasis should be on  improving on the individual child`s performance  each time, tailoring comments that will advise how to do this as well as give praise for good work for that child. However the teacher will still keep track of your child`s progress using her own grids for each subject area.


Each teacher employs a number of types of assessment activity as appropriate. These will include day-to-day observation and discussion of work with pupils, practical tasks, written assignments, and special tasks such as tests at the end of units of work.

Through structured continuous assessment we are able to build up a clear picture of each child’s strengths, highlight areas for development and track progress.

 Regular updates on progress will be issued to parents through issuing a folder on children`s progress at regular intervals throughout the year.

 A formal written report is issued in June of the last session. A copy is kept in the pupil’s progress record card in school.


Should teachers have any concerns about a pupil’s behaviour or progress, the parents are normally contacted and an interview arranged in order to attempt to remedy the problem before it becomes serious.

Likewise, parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to arrange an appointment to discuss any concerns they might have. Parents though are asked to contact the school in advance of any visit as it may not always be possible to see the teacher best suited to deal with an enquiry, due to ongoing class commitments, etc, should parents arrive unannounced.

 Parent interview evenings are held twice per session, in October and March. Parents are invited to attend an appointment with their child's class teacher.