St Monica's (Milton) Primary School
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Welcome to our school
Dear Parents
Welcome to St. Monica’s Primary! Everyone in St. Monica’s Primary works hard to make our school a happy welcoming place to be! 
We hope that you find the information in our website helpful.
The staff in St Monica’s Primary work towards creating a happy, learning atmosphere where your child will be encouraged to participate in the life of the school and to strive to achieve the very best they can! We place a high value on effort and we have high expectations of our pupils.
When your child joins us in St Monica’s we are all entering a new partnership with the aim of providing the highest quality of learning experience   for your child. We also take account of your child’s well being and consider the development of healthy lifestyles and his /her social and emotional health to be very important aspects of an education for the Glasgow citizens of tomorrow! We will do our best to inform you of work planned for your child as well as whole school issues through our regular newsletters and our website.
We would encourage you, not to hesitate to contact and inform us of any information we may need to know to support your child in their learning and to become involved in their learning through the various opportunities that arise for parents to participate in the life of the school.
We in St. Monica’s try very hard to work as a team to support you and your child. We do hope both you and your child will quickly settle into the school routine and we assure you of our very best efforts in the years ahead!
We look forward to working with you and your child in the near future!
Yours sincerely
Martin Broadley (Head teacher)